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What is an Europe Direct Information Centre?
Europe Direct is an information network designated by the European Commission to inform citizens about the EU. On the central website all contact points can be found that provide citizens with information about European institutions, legislature and policy making. Next to tips and advise Europe Direct aims to enter into dialogue with citizens on themes that effect them.

In the Netherlands there are multiple local Europe Direct Centres, which all use their expertise to build a bridge between the EU and citizens. As Europe Direct Amsterdam, Netwerk Democratie will focus on innovative developments in the EU and the strengthening of European democracy.

European democracy
Next to providing information, Netwerk Democratie aims to give citizens the instruments to play an active role in European decision-making. We do this by stimulating the discussion on democratic renewal and the use digital technology to explore innovative modes of participation.

Do want to know more on how you can get your voice heard in the EU? Or do you want to join the conversation on Europe? Keep an eye on the website for updates and events.

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