Thursday - August 6, 2020 August 6, 2020

Closing words – Parliament of the Future 2020

by spoken word artist Atta de Tolk

Welcome all, today we discussed the future as we co-design it
Clearly we don’t underestimate this assignment
40 participants discussing challenges that we are facing
in times like these, that alone is quite amazing

this was a moment to present the present and progress
a guide on how we will build along in this process
why is this manifesto so important to have?
It’s a chance to get these important subjects on the map

We want to be involved, don’t let it be dissolved
Exposing problems but working to get them solved
So this is what we need; a core to explore
and more…

Positive thinking but aiming to be realistic, so it’s not just a dream
Dreamchasers setting goals and flagging these themes
Subjects to conquest, challenges to face
Whether on or offline, we’re in the house, we’re at the place

We stand today focused on the days after tomorrow
To be well informed and prepared instead of left with sorrow
Fundamental rights, like fighting discrimination
In the base to get a better situation

Off course, with delegates from younger generations
Acknowledge what’s essential, it’s an inclusive operation
A future based on commons and democracy
We can’t be inclusive if there’s still structured exclusivity

So we need to invest in multi layered accessibility
Policy matters planned multifunctional reality
A future based on climate justice
Priorities: economic interests no longer have the majority

Of people chasing it rather than respecting climate policies
Free basic education, we all need to know
That greed is not a seed on which our future can grow
Sharing our knowledge as data in a tidal flow

When designing public technology, especially in ‘smart’ cities
Involve people to make them ‘big heart’ cities
This is not only a task for the government
But also for involved projects for empowerment

Democracy is having a hard time
People feel left behind
We need change in these changing times
There are jewels of ideas found in these young mental mines (minds)

Also listen to the vice-president of the EU and what her advice is
There are chances in every crisis
Demographic changes like aging societies can not be ignored
That’s why even more, there need to be more opened doors

What’s up, what’s new in the news? Is it transparent?
Is it choosing sides or being wise like our grandparents?
The future and manifesto is not about being left and right
It’s about what has gone left and what’s right

So political preferences? We don’t care
We care for it to be fair
20% percent of EU citizens is a child
we need to work to prevent our problems will pile

the manifesto exists, we need it promoted
we need to get out in the world and show it
present and express, show we’re devoted
only a constant repeated message gets noticed

for the future, young voices are important and relevant
this manifesto is sustainable evidence!
Even strategy experts are impressed with what we drafted
But off course, that’s what we already expected

The world going fast forward, it’s hard to comprehend
Stand above our differences to really understand

We really need Unity
Why do you think the letters U and I are in the word unity?
Twitter: @Attadetolk