NetGuide: Your Privacy Resource Guide

Welcome to NetGuide, a privacy resource guide put together by Network Democracy!

We have gathered a list of privacy resources and materials across ten different categories. These aim at informing and educating all users who want to protect their privacy while interacting with technology. We trust that you, dear reader, is one of them!

At NetDem, the democratisation of technology is one of our pillars. And we believe that technology cannot really serve public interest if privacy isn’t protected. That is why we have put NetGuide together to help you find information and resources about privacy. They will teach about the value of privacy, about the main current threats to it, and instruct you on how to stay safe online. And what’s more: we are constantly updating our privacy guide to make sure it stays relevant. We hope you will enjoy and make good use of all the available knowledge!

To browse through NetGuide’s categories, click on the images below. To read about why we think privacy is so essential to digital democracy, click here.


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