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NetGuide: Events

NetGuide: Your Privacy Resource Guide.


The Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP) takes place yearly in Brussels, where it gathers academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry and civil society from all over the world. A variety of privacy and data protection topics are explored in panel discussions spread across three days – every year, a call for panels is opened for research organisations and projects. CPDP usually takes place in January, but in 2022 it’s happening on 23rd – 25th May due to COVID restrictions. Although the panel submission deadline is already past, you can still register to attend those panels here – tickets are available for both the physical and the online versions of the event.


Mozilla Festival (also known as MozFest) is a tech festival that aims at building healthier internet environments and trustworthy AI. Organised by the Mozilla Foundation, MozFest is a melting pot of artists, technologists, academics and civil society members who strive for a more humane digital world. The festival’s three pillars – 1) to be open, hackable, emergent, 2) to promote diversity and inclusion, and 3) to foster community and federated design – make it the perfect breeding ground for a creative reimagining of the online world.

In 2022, MozFest will take place online from 7 to 11 March. You can register here to get access to hundreds of available sessions – Early Bird tickets are donation based though the suggested donation amount is 45 euros.


The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder group that meets for four days every year to discuss policy issues and ideas for a healthier internet environment. The Forum was established in 2006 after having been mandated by the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held in Tunis in 2005 and endorsed by the United Nations in 2006.

Participation in the forum is open and encouraged to anyone interested in internet governance topics – to include all aspects of digital privacy. It’s possible to join one of the IGF’s dynamic coalitions organised around topics of interest, as well as national, regional and youth IGF initiatives. Visit the IGF’s website to learn more!


Author: Ana Luiza Loio Becil

Image: Luis Quintero via Pexels