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NetGuide: Other Guides

NetGuide: Your Privacy Resource Guide.


Other Guides: Tips, Tricks, and Tool Recommendations

In this toolkit, Dutch nonprofit Bits of Freedom gathers a huge amount of resources and tips on how to protect your privacy across a different range of areas in the online world. For instance, they give recommendations on how to stay safe while working online, browsing on the internet, using social media, and much more. Another strong point of this toolkit is that its tips are easy to follow but pretty in-depth at the same time. Important to say: there isn’t an English version available, so this resource is best fit for those who can read Dutch.

This is the most detailed and comprehensive tips and tools guide we’ve found until now. From the first scroll down the homepage, Privacy Guides explains what threat modelling is – the “process of identifying threats and defining countermeasures” – and how users can go about it. So that users can develop their protection strategies, the guide lists a variety of privacy-friendly service providers, software, and operating systems. Their website also contains a blog where visitors can read more about privacy management tools and the latest developments in the area.


How to Protect Your Digital Privacy is part of The New York Times’ Privacy Project, which gathers NYT resources to help readers understand threats to their online privacy and develop strategies to protect it. The guide concisely compiles a list of software tools, good practises, and orientations as to what to do in case of losing your phone or laptop. Although not the most encompassing guide, it does a pretty good job at briefly introducing the reader to a few solutions to the most common user privacy dangers.


Author: Ana Luiza Loio Becil

Image: Isaque Pereira via Pexels