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NetGuide: In Amsterdam

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In Amsterdam

  • The Algorithm Register : get an overview of the artificial intelligence systems and algorithms used by the City of Amsterdam.

Did you know that algorithms are used by the municipality of Amsterdam for surveilling citizens and systematising processes for a wide range of purposes?

The Algorithm Register is still being developed by the municipality of Amsterdam. The idea behind is to provide citizens with information about the algorithms employed in the city and to gather feedback on the existing systems.

Through the register, the city of Amsterdam aims to generate more transparency and accountability for its use of technology. In this way, citizens can join the conversation on where to draw boundaries and how to keep their privacy protected in the algorithmic city.


This interactive map shows what and how data is collected and processed by intelligent systems in the city of Amsterdam.

Different colours in the map represent the different system that gather information on citizen behaviour: for instance, light blue for security (CCTV) cameras and purple for crowd management systems.

In that way, citizens can become aware of when and how they are being surveilled across the city. Although the map may not remedy the uncomfortable sensation of being watched, the map allows for citizens to demand more transparency and accountability for how their data is used.