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Are you a person who thinks you don’t need privacy because you ‘have nothing to hide’? In this TED Talk, world-renowned investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald explains why you do need and want privacy. He defends an understanding of privacy as a place where one can go to escape social norms and ’the judgemental eyes of others’.

In just around 15 minutes, Greenwald touches upon many of the key points made by scholars within privacy studies. And that’s while using much less complex language and his characteristically eloquent speech. At the end of the talk, Greenwald is briefly interviewed about his book on Edward Snowden and the US Surveillance State – Greenwald was one of the journalists to publish leaked information on the US National Security Agency.

Though this TED talk takes somewhat of a government surveillance angle to privacy, the arguments made by Greenwald can be widely applied to most digital privacy issues. A worthwhile watch for those wanting to understand why they should care about privacy – or wanting to learn how to convince those who don’t.


Author: Ana Luiza Loio Becil

Image: Joey Huang via Unsplash