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NetGuide: Privacy / Digital Rights Organisations

NetGuide: Your Privacy Resource Guide.


Privacy / Digital Rights Organisations

  • Bits Of Freedom (Dutch)

Bits of Freedom is a Netherlands-based digital nonprofit that advocates for privacy and freedom of communication. They do so by influencing legislation and self-regulation to respect citizens’ freedoms and rights in the digital sphere. They also offer a variety of content and resources aimed at raising awareness in relation to threats to users’ digital rights and ways to demand protection. Bits of Freedom defends privacy in areas such as artificial intelligence, law enforcement, biometric surveillance, private-owned platforms, among others. Though most of their work is conducted in Dutch, some information about their work can be found in English here.


  • Privacy International

Privacy International (PI) is a UK-based nonprofit that acts globally against abuses of power in the area of technology. They have existed since 1990 and as such are one of the oldest organisations in the field, as well as one of the few to focus specifically on issues of privacy. Strategically, PI relies on four pillars to effectively advocate for privacy: challenging corporate data exploitation, contesting government data and system exploitation, defending democracy and dissent, and safeguarding peoples’ dignity.
On their website, you can find a huge amount of privacy-related information such as news, campaigns PI is currently working on, guides on how to protest your own privacy and even a learning corner with reports, resources and case-studies to improve your knowledge of different privacy topics. We definitely recommend you check their work out!


  • European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Rather than being a single nonprofit, European Digital Rights (EDRi) is a network of organisations, experts and academics all throughout Europe that fight for digital rights and freedoms in the digital age. EDRi’s pillars are information democracy, privacy and data protection, and open internet and inclusive tech. The network advocates for stronger laws and policy in the technology area at the European level. Learn more about EDRi here!


  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The history of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) dates back to 1990, when the organisation was born out of the Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret Service lawsuit. The case arose from a Secret Service raid to game company Steven Jackson Games’ computers which clearly violated privacy and freedom of speech – at the time, EFF was founded to represent Steven Jackson Games. Until today, the foundation exists to defend civil liberties in the digital world.
EFF advises policymakers and raises awareness among the public in relation to digital rights matters. In their Action Center, you can get to know their campaigns and sign petitions demanding your rights to be respected in the digital world!


  • Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is an international NGO that works to “explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society”. They are based in Berlin, Germany, and are a solution-oriented organisation – hence the ’tactical’ in their name. That is to say that the organisation investigates how tensions between technology and people arise, defines what responses are needed, and deploys strategies in response to these findings.

Plus, Tactical Tech works with two different types of public. First, that is citizens in general – who they work to educate and technologically empower in creative, unique ways. Second, they work with civil society actors (such as journalists, other NGOs and human rights defenders), who they inform and think alongside to develop robust and safe digital practises.

No matter which one of these groups you consider yourself a part of, Tactical Tech is sure to be able to support you in protecting your privacy – so check out their current projects here!


Author: Ana Luiza Loio Becil

Image: Etienne Girardet via Unsplash