Up/Root Democracy, session 4: A Seat for Nature – Reading room

The fourth session of Up/Root Democracy takes the form of an extended reading room, which delves deeper into the themes and conversation started during session three: A Seat for Nature, now available to watch in the Framer Framed YouTube page. After crossing through projects as diverse as land restoration, extending rights to more-than-human entities, and re-thinking ways of living in the land through responsible cooperation and rituals, this session explores further complications. How to avoid the pitfalls of anthropomorphism and paternalism when extending representation to non-humans? What attitudes and tools should we adopt as we restore equity between non-human organisms, anthropocentric systems, and natural landscapes?

The reading room will feature speakers from previous sessions, and will be held in a private Zoom chat, with limited spaces. After signing up you will receive a mail with reading materials, including excerpts from texts by Bruno Latour, Jane Bennet, and Rachel Carson.

Romy Snijders, Symbiotic Futures
The Soft Protest Digest
Anne van Leeuwen, Embassy of the North Sea

Framer Framed and Network Democracy present Up/Root Democracy, an online public program focused on extractive systems undermining human/non-human rights. Looking for a potential balance for legitimate, ethical and sustainable systems in the Anthropocene, we need to consider new forms of political representation and legislation and to re-politicise extractivism in its different guises. Up/Root Democracy showcases the work of researchers, artists and activists; amidst an intersection of crises, this program delves into how systems of extraction – digital, mineral, nutritional, etc. – can be a force for or against democratisation.
This event is supported by Europe Direct.

This online event is FREE and in English. There are limited spots for the reading room. To receive reading materials and the zoom link for the session please register through: reserveren@framerframed.nl

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