Rethinking Civic Education

Improving tolerance in Dutch society means starting with young people – help us to rethink Civic Education (“Maatschappijleer”) at high schools.

In collaboration with Network Democracy, students of the Amsterdam University College are organizing a variety of events in the New Democracy Dome throughout the month of May. The students are following a Global Politics theme course on Global Civil Society so you can expect workshops, panels, discussions and more on topics relating to a variety of international and societal problems.

The mandatory high school course Civic Education (“maatschappijleer”) has a lot of potential for educating the Dutch youth about ethnic, religious and socio-economic diversity and principles of solidarity. As such, civic education could address the societal problems that the Netherlands is facing today. We will discuss issues that could be addressed in the course, concerning national identity, citizenship, the core values of a culture, religion, but also about welfare and justice. Both Dutchies and internationals are most welcome: what can we learn from other countries’ version of Civic Education? Join us at FabCity for a critical brainstorm session!

Since the Civic Education course takes place in the formative years of high school students, it has the potential to positively or negatively influence their lives. In our brainstorm about civic education, we will discuss core issues of such a course. Together with you we’ll try to find out what questions and topics should be discussed in the course and in what way. At the end of the workshop the hosts will make a report of the brainstorm and the concrete ideas that have come up in our discussions; ultimately, this report will be offered to the Dutch Ministry of Education.

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