IMSTAR presents: Harry van Bommel

Free Trade and Human Rights: Case Israel

Student organization IMSTAR will host the first programma in our New Democracy Dome on the FabCity Campus.

We have the honour to welcome Harry van Bommel, member of the Dutch Parliament. Van Bommel has been very involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and aims to draw attention to this conflict & the position of Palestine in the Dutch Parliament. 

The lecture will be about the relation between free trade and human rights, case: Israel. We, The Netherlands, have an Association Agreement with Israel, but does this promote human rights in Israel? How can this be related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? 

As you all might know, Dutch citizens will vote for the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. Agreements are not unusual in Europe, but usually they are merely focused on trade benefits. However, in the Association Agreement between the EU and Israel, a section is devoted to human rights. In what way is this section put into practice? The Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine also contains sections on political agreements, besides the regular trade agreements. 

How is it possible that free trade associations have become more and more political? Furthermore, van Bommel will discus the gap between the government and citizens concerning issues like these. Are certain votings truly effective? How is the average citizen informed about such Agreements? 

These questions and a lot more will be discussed by Harry van Bommel, followed by the opportunity to ask van Bommel any of your questions. The Campus will be set up as a festival; with tents and domes. The lecture will take place in the dome called ‘New Democracy’. One of the Imstar board members will be at the entrance of the Campus to guide you to the dome. Don’t miss out on this interesting event! 


Imstar offers an incredible opportunity for students to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Imstar’s 2016 agenda consists out of a learning program and a summer project. The goal of the Imstar 2016 program is to create more awareness and understanding among students on this ongoing conflict. 

The Imstar learning program offers eleven lectures by professionals and experience experts from different disciplines and angles. Together those lectures create the opportunity for our students to come to a greater understanding of this complex conflict. This year we have welcomed people like Erella Grassiani (Gate48), The Palestinian Ambassador to the Netherlands, and  a Jewish Israeli living in the Netherlands working and volunteering in an Amsterdam Synagogue. 

The Imstar summer trip project will provide some of our participants with the opportunity to join us to both Israel and the Palestinian territories at the beginning of July for 10 days.  


Harry van Bommel

Dutch politician, anti-globalization activist and former educator. As a member of the Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij) he has been an MP since May 19, 1998. He focuses on matters of foreign policy and the European Union.

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