Voor Je Buurt

Crowdfunding voor je buurt, dorp of stad Crowdfunding for your neighborhood, village or city

Voorjebuurt.nl is a crowdfunding platform for neighborhood initiatives. With Voorjebuurt.nl, individuals and organizations can raise money themselves and seek help for new initiatives in their own neighborhood. This initiative was developed by Netwerk Democracy and Kennisland.

Crowdfunding is a form of financing in which directly involved parties bring together money and other resources via the internet to actualize initiatives. This can be done through small money donations or, for example, by making knowledge and/or services available by individuals and businesses – crowdsourcing.

With Voorjebuurt.nl, citizens and organizations can raise money themselves and seek help for new initiatives in their neighborhood. Voorjebuurt is an initiative of Netwerk Democratie that has been developed together with Kennisland and was ultimately implemented by the foundation Voor je Buurt. Voorjebuurt has been made possible by support from the vfonds, the DOEN Foundation, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Amsterdam District Approach, Ymere, and various local authorities.

The government has made considerable cuts in recent years. Many government provisions have been dropped or are now organized by citizens. Solutions for social challenges need not only be sought from the government but can also be found by the society itself. In this spirit, various local initiatives have been started throughout the Netherlands by citizens themselves, with or without support from, for example, the neighborhood and neighborhood approaches. Voorjebuurt.nl offers a national platform to help realize citizens’ initiatives and make them more sustainable through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.