Veilig en anoniem informatie delen met de pers Privacy, anonymity and safety for whistleblowers

For the good functioning of a democracy, citizens must be well and fully informed. Therefore, the press plays a crucial role here. Publeaks is meant to promote democracy by making it possible to denounce abuses and protect whistleblowers in order to stimulate and support investigative journalism. In this way, it contributes to both strengthening the research conducted by the Dutch media and controlling its capacity, as well as, improving the information position of citizens. The site enables visitors to deliver material anonymously to media organizations. The informant can upload a document with relevant information via the site. These documents are then encrypted and forwarded to participating media organizations. The informant can select which of the affiliated media organizations he or she wants to send the documents to. The receiving journalist can, through a non-traceable code, contact the applicator if the applicator has indicated that he / she is available for this. This system lowers barriers to make relevant information public and protects the sender.

Network Democracy has from the beginning been involved in the idea development and realization of On behalf of Netwerk Democratie, Mieke van Heesewijk is a part of the board of the foundation.

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