Open Class Session With Eric Kluitenberg

The Movements of the Squares

Hilla Dayan is a teacher of Global Politics: Global Civil Society at the Amsterdam University College. As a special for the FabCity, she has developed a series of open class sessions in the New Democracy Dome. During these sessions, you get the opportunity to be part of a variety of interesting classes, some of them featuring activists from around the globe.


Eric Kluitenberg is an independent theorist and writer on culture, media, and technology. He is editor in chief of the Tactical Media Files – an on-line documentation resource for tactical media practices worldwide and has published widely essays analyzing public gatherings and urban spectacles and protests from Zuccotti Park, New York to Tahir Square in Cairo, Gezi Park in Istanbul to the streets of Hong Kong.

We will discuss emerging social formations of our time, what spatial and media tactics they use, and how they affect public space and discourse. The general public is invited to join our AUC global politics class with Eric Kluitenberg, you don’t need to sign in.

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