New Democracy #26: Transparency and censorship in the social media age

Are social media a threat to our freedom and democracy?

Our first New Democracy of the new year at Pakhuis de Zwijger, on 8 January 2018, will focus on social media and democracy.

Social media are amongst today’s primary places for news gathering, but it’s also the place where algorithms and censorship are controlling the flow of information and deceit is being used to influence public debate. Facebook deletes posts with nudity, inappropriate language, and political sensitive messages. And regimes of all kinds use fake accounts, fake news, and astroturfing to influence public opinion and spy on their populations. What’s the impact of social media on our democratic society? An in-depth conversation on the use and abuse of social media in the public realm and the democratization of the public space they produce.

Special guest is Prof. Dr. Melih Kırlıdoğ, who is a specialist on government surveillance (and censorship) practices being used in Turkey ánd Europe. We will talk with him about the detrimental situation in Turkey concerning freedom (of speech) in the media and the digital realm. Melih Kierlidog was one of the 400 academics to sign the Academics for Peace petition and get dismissed from the university. Together with technology philosopher Marjolein Lanzing and information specialist at the gemeente Amsterdam Juan-Carlos Goilo, we will have an in-depth conversation on the influence of digital technologies and social media on our public and political lives.

This event is in collaboration with Framer Framed, in light of their exhibition House of Wisdom (til 7 January 2018), and 7 Hills Foundation, as part of their project Paranoia Phenomenon.

Date & time: 8 January, 20:00
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, IJzaal

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