Film première: ‘Calais: Welcome to the jungle’

Netwerk Democratie, Beeld voor Beeld and Framer Framed present the premiere of the documentary ‘Calais: Welcome to the jungle’. A documentary by Teun Voeten en Maaike Engels on the eviction of the refugee camp ‘the Jungle’ in Calais, followed by a public dialogue. This screening is part of the Ongekend Bijzonder festival.

Photographer / cultural antropologist Teun Voeten and filmmaker / video artist Maaike Engels have worked in the refugee camp ‘the Jungle’ in Calais from September 2015. Over a thousand refugees stranded here, awaiting an opportunity to travel to England. The living conditions in the refugee camp are terrible. February this year, the refugee camp was evicted by the authorities.

’Calais, Welcome to the Jungle’ isa confrontational documentary that displays refugees not only as victims. Its a report of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’. Critizing the aid workers, the media, refugees, the authorities and the EU migration policies.

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Prior to this event a ‘Vrijheidsmaaltijd’ will take place (a so called ‘Freedom Dinner). This even is in the framework of the Amsterdam Liberation Day festival. The dinner is organized by Ongekend Bijzonder, Netwerk Democratie, Framer Framed en Beeld voor Beeld, together with Café de Plak and We are Here. On invitation only.

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