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Vacancy: Project Manager Consul Democracy Foundation

Consul is hiring. Apply now!

Do you want to work at the forefront of democratic innovation and help make digital democracy adhere to values of open software, transparency and collective intelligence?

Yes? Then get in touch because Consul Democracy Foundation is looking for a project manager to expand its team!

Consul Democracy Foundation

Consul Democracy Foundation ( is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to reinforce the quality, neutrality and credibility of citizen participation worldwide in democratic process embodying the principles of democracy, independence, open source and free software and knowledge, neutrality, transparency, rule of law and inclusion; as well as manage and contribute to the improvement, development and worldwide expansion of the open source free software Consul.

The advisors of the foundation include members of the following organisations: Netwerk Democratie (Netherlands), Mehr Demokratie (Germany), Open Source Initiative (USA), ePanstwo Foundation (Poland), Digidem Lab (Sweden), RadicalxChange (Taiwan/USA), and Danes Je Nov Dan (Slovenia).

What is the Consul Project

Consul ( is an open-source platform, with modules designed to run the most relevant citizen participation and direct democracy processes, including citizen initiatives, participatory budgeting, crowd-sourced law making, consultations, debates, collaborative drafting, and consultative polls. The versatility and simplicity of the platform, together with the fact that it is open-source, make it easier for governments all over the world to carry out processes of citizen participation that until then were too complicated or costly for them. In this way, new channels of participation are opened and the democratic quality of institutions around the world is improved. In addition to the local use, the project connects governments and institutions with each other, creating a network where they can share good practices and learnings.
The Consul project initially emerged as an informal collaboration between public institutions and non-profit organisations interested in citizen participation. However, it has quickly spread to more than 35 countries and has become the world’s largest digital democracy project. At the technical level, the project involves a strong international community of developers. More than 110 programmers from all over the world have produced code for the official version of Consul.

About the position

We are looking for somebody to work in the international chapter of the foundation. This means you are free to work remotely as well as in Amsterdam where the foundation is located. As Project Manager of the Consul Democracy Foundation you are responsible for

Main tasks:

1. Collaborating with governments and public institutions joining the project to implement new participation processes.
– Provide governments and public institutions with in-depth, hands-on, support including basic technical support, training for public officials, as well as assistance with working with the citizens to promote the tool and ensure good levels of participation.
– Contact governments all over the world to invite them to join the project.
– Introduce the project through videoconferences and email, solve doubts, and accompany the interested institutions throughout their implementation of the project.

2. Continuing support for existing institutions.
– Establish regular contact with all the governments and institutions that are part of the project, solving doubts and other needs.

3. Sharing case studies, success stories and know-how on the use of Consul.
– Collect the most relevant learning and use cases from institutions using Consul and prepare them for open publication.

Contribution and collaboration with the rest of the team in the following tasks:

4. Coordinating the work of the Consul Democracy Foundation Knowledge Network.
– Maintain all institutions of the project are connected sharing their experiences. This includes coordination, production of materials and documentation, organisation of meetings, and regular work in the internal digital channels of the project shared by the members of the different institutions.

5. Coordinating the development of the open source technology of Consul.
– Coordination of the project in github and of the developers who collaborate with it.
– Coordination of development priorities and roadmap.
– Coordination and communication with the companies collaborating with the project.
– Collaboration with public institutions on their problems and technical issues related to the implementation of Consul.

6. Coordinating of the foundation’s work
– Organisation of board meetings
– Communication with the advisory committee
– Seeking funding for the foundation
– Ensuring that internal tasks related to legal and financial matters are adequately fulfilled.

Who are we looking for?

– Your personal mission and values are in line with those of the Consul Democracy Foundation
– You have a background in citizen participation, democratic renewal or civic tech and you have extensive knowledge on (or willingness to learn about) participatory processes and the principles of open source participatory technology.
– You can get on well with policy makers as well as civil society actors and developers.
– You have proven experience in leading a project and a team.
– You have the capacity and ambition to take on the responsibility to develop and grow the organisation.
– You speak English and preferably also Dutch. Proficiency in other languages, such as Spanish are an advantage.

What do we offer?

– Collaboration with an enthusiastic and mission-driven team who want to bring real change in the quality of our democracies.
– You will become part of an international movement of democratic innovators including the networks of our board organisations.
– An office in Amsterdam, 10 minutes from Amstel station.
– A lot of freedom in how you arrange your time (at the office or at home).
– Lots of room to learn, develop new ideas and take the initiative.
– A part-time position (24 hours per week) for 1 year, with the possibility for extension to a full-time (hired) position.
– Start date: as soon as possible
– Salary on freelance basis. The starting salary is 25 euros per hour with the opportunity to increase salary based on new funding. For the work to be performed the amount would be €2.400 per month (excluding 21% VAT) for the total assignment, bringing the total amount to €28.800 for 12 months.

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