Refugees and Entrepreneurship

A mini-conference about refugees in Amsterdam and the possibilities for them to start up their own companies

In collaboration with Network Democracy, students of the Amsterdam University College are organizing a variety of events in the New Democracy Dome throughout the month of May. The students are following a Global Politics theme course on Global Civil Society so you can expect workshops, panels, discussions and more on topics relating to a variety of international and societal problems.

In this conference, several speakers are invited to talk about the possibility of creating work for refugees and in particular to stimulate the idea of start-up companies among refugees in a global city like Amsterdam. Delegates from the municipality of Amsterdam, DELITELABS and refugees who set up a company themselves are invited to share their work experiences and involvement with entrepreneurship among refugees.

Christof Hawle is the founder of DELITELABS, which is part of the program REBUILD, a non-profit school for recent immigrants and locals. He has emphasised the idea that there is not one solution for the recent ‘refugee crisis’ but that more solutions are necessary and possible. Hawle will share his story about working with refugees and preparing them within a couple of weeks to start up their own company. Duncan Stutterheim has provided the old ID&T office for this program, and within a seven-week intensive program, Hawle helps refugees to become entrepreneurs.

A yet to be announced representative of the Gemeente Amsterdam will shed light on deputy-mayor Kajsa Ollongren’s idea of facilitating work spaces for refugees, with or without resident permit. She emphasizes that this will stimulate the economy and contribute to a smooth integration process things. What are the legal possibilities for the municipality to do this and where is the line to be drawn?

Lastly, a refugee participating in one of the entrepreneurial programs will talk about his personal experiences and ideas for a start-up company. More information about this speaker to be announced.

We invite you to join us in this event on May 18, on the Fabcity Campus in Amsterdam, at 18:00 in the “Dome”. This event is organized by students from Amsterdam University College, in collaboration with Network Democracy and Europe by People.

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