Reclaim the City

Doc Next screenings and conversation

Together with Doc Next Networks, Netwerk Democratie has developed a series of film screenings on a variety of themes. During each event we will show you a selection of short documentaries within one of these themes. Afterwards there will be the opportunity for a discussion with each other on the issues that were put forwards in the films.

Tonight Doc Next presents a series of short videos about citizens in Europe reclaiming their cities. After some impressions of civil protests in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine, we will focus on some examples of new forms of cultural cooperation by citizens and communities who are developing alternative and participatory democratic practices. This specific act of ‘commoning’ as a collective venture of co-development and co-government of everything we hold in common is dramatically changing the way we look at our societies. Nowhere is this movement more visible than in our cities, suburbs and neighbourhoods; these are the places where we are confronted with urgent challenges on a daily basis.

Doc Next Network

Doc Next Network was initiated by the European Cultural Foundation in 2010. It brought together MODE Istanbul, ZEMOS98 (Seville), BFI Future Film (London) and Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” (Warsaw) who engage with media makers, activists, researchers, programmers, educators andinnovators. Doc Next strives for social justice and inclusive public opinion in Europe, through a common methodology that supports the ideas ofaccess, free culture and expanded education.

Doc Next built up a media collection which includes around 500 short documentaries and other media works by young creators. The ‘Doc Next Network Media Collection’ opens an unusual window on contemporary Europe. It is accessible on Vimeo and a resource space.

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