Open Class Session With Eric Kluitenberg

Hilla Dayan is a teacher of Global Politics: Global Civil Society at the Amsterdam University College. As a special for the FabCity, she has developed a series of open class sessions in the New Democracy Dome. During these sessions, you get the opportunity to be part of a variety of interesting classes, some of them featuring activists from around the globe.

On the Fringes of Democracy + Special Flight

In collaboration with Network Democracy, students of the Amsterdam University College are organizing a variety of events in the New Democracy Dome throughout the month of May. The students are following a Global Politics theme course on Global Civil Society so you can expect workshops, panels, discussions and more on topics relating to a variety of international and societal problems.

Broadcasting from Babylon, CCP #4: Workshop Disobedient Art with Fossil Free Culture NL

In this fourth session as part of the Broadcasting from Babylon: Citizenship & Cultural Production series, we are given a workshop in ‘disobedient art’ by collective Fossil Free Culture NL!…