Netwerk Democratie, Bits of Freedom, Waag Society, Open State Foundation and Kennisland are the organizers of the Masterclass on Net Politics. In the series of six meetings, participants can develop a broad knowledge of the most important themes that exist at the point where the Internet and politics converge in order to later form a sound opinion on the issue.
At each masterclass, top speakers and original thinkers present their vision on the current topics in the field of internet politics. During the series of masterclasses, there is a lot of room for informal exchange and reflection.

Location and Date

The master class takes place in the Theatrum Anatomicum of De Waag in Amsterdam in January and February 2017 on Monday evenings from 7.30 to 10.30 pm.

  • January 9 – Digital Social Innovation (Waag Society)
  • January 16 – Opportunities and obstacles to open data (Open State Foundation)
  • January 23 – How to lobby for internet freedom? (Bits of Freedom)
  • January 30 – e-Democracy (Netwerk Democratie)
  • February 6 – Fix Copyright, don’t break the internet! (Kennisland)
  • February 13 – Internet Governance (Internet Society Nederland)
  • February 27 – Closing meeting

View the whole program here.

Sign Up

The master class offers room for thirty participants. Unfortunately, the registration is now closed. If you’ve signed up, you will be notified in early December whether you have been selected as a participant. The organization of the master class lies in hands of Internet Society Nederland, if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to annemarie[@]

Waag Society

Waag Society is a pioneer in the field of digital media. Waag Society explores emerging technologies and gives art and culture a crucial role in designing meaningful applications.

Bits of Freedom

Bits of Freedom stands for the freedom and privacy on the Internet. Bits of Freedom makes sure that the government and the business world reverse the undesirable policies while putting the desirable ones forth. In order to achieve this goal Bits of Friends collaborates intensively with our supporters. Our strength lies in the combination of our expertise in lobbying and undertaking action where needed. And that works. Political parties listen to us, the industry asks for our advice and more and more Dutch people support our goal: internet that is open to everyone, where every user can share information digitally, and where private communication remains private.


Kennisland designs and implements interventions that strengthen the knowledge society. At this moment Kennisland is active in the fields of education, copyright, culture and social innovation. Kennisland is committed to the modernization of copyright that offers room for innovation and contributes to a strong public domain. We do this in projects such as Creative Commons, by collaborating with heritage institutions and by lobbying at European and Dutch levels.

Open State Foundation

Open State is a young and idealistic non-profit organization that promotes democratic transparency, accountability, and participation through their development of online platforms and promoting the provision of access to and use of open data.